Atena’s Sankofa Shop on Big Cartel

Atena’s Sankofa Shop on Big Cartel

I designed a cute, funny collage to share in my family group chat on Juneteenth morning. Then, I shared it in another group chat as my Juneteenth greeting, and one friend said, “I‘m going to need that t-shirt.” Mind you, this is commonly said as an appreciation and we all know it rarely results in t-shirts. Well, turns out I had the time AND the motivation that morning, and thus Sankofa Shop by Atena was born (brought to you in part by ADHD hyperfocus/fixation)!

Atena drinks coffee from her Montgomery Pride mug while wearing her Sankofa T-shirt 😉

Visit the shop and grab your own Montgomery Pride t-shirt, hoodie, or throw blanket. Sizes up to 5x available. (If you’re interested in a mug, you’ll have to try my CafePress shop. Caveat emptor: CafePress kinda sucks, which is why I switched to Big Cartel. CafePress also blocked my Righteous and Vengeful Juneteenth design! Don’t worry, it’ll be back soon! Fill out this form for pre-orders!)

I’ll probably publish some poetry quote shirts in the near future; let me know if there are lines from Incantations for Rest that you’d like to see on a shirt!


[Young boy in green shirt and black pants, kneeling and smiling, holding a black and white throw blanket (which you can buy in Atena’s Big Cartel shop) up, draped over his head and around his body.]