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A Confession... and Free Stuff!

Awkward, but I'm putting it out there......

Hello, readers! Here’s my confession:

I have a Substack newsletter AND I have a Patreon account. Not a secret, but it still weirdly feels like I’m living a double life. One day I’ll be able to hire someone to sort all of this out for me; until then, I’m doing my best.

I set things up so the platforms would serve different purposes, with a bit of cross-posting. Today I’m lowering the bridge to let you know about something I’m doing over at Patreon: I’m making some of my favorite paid content of this year FREE and publicly available, and I want my Go Back and Get It readers to be able to take advantage!

I am sharing my TOP 10 FAVORITE POSTS from this year, temporarily releasing exclusive Patreon content for ALL to enjoy. Through December 29, each day will unlock and feature a different post from the Creative Reflections or Monthly Magic collections.

Please check them out, please like and share, and all that jazz. I work hard on my writing and I want more folks to have a chance to read it. I would LOVE to end the year with a few more subscribers to help me pay for my upcoming Anaphora Publishing Program cohort ($6400! Thank God for payment plans!)

Click here to go straight to today’s unlocked post.

Thank you for reading, and Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy New Year, et al!

With so much gratitude,