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Capacity Loading… A Quick Bit of Connection

Capacity Loading… A Quick Bit of Connection
Atena is getting it together, y'all!…

Hello dear ones! Greetings from the land of I Gave Myself Too Much Homework! It’s been a while and I’ve missed our routine. I’m getting back on-track with updates, new work, and a stubborn determination to hold out hope for humanity.

There’s so much to tell, and hardly enough time or attention to tell it all! Here is an offering to tide you over until I get my creative reflections and mojo lined up and ready to launch:

The video linked above is a minute-long excerpt from a recent talk I was honored to deliver at UU Society of Amherst. If you decide to watch the full talk on YouTube:

Timestamp 4:36 for reading of poem, ‘Reckon, Reclaim’
Timestamp 12:26 for ‘We Are Enough, Together’ message

More to come soon! I’m grateful to each of for being here!

In gratitude and solidarity,

💖 Atena