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Published Work Alert! 2 Poems in Mid-Atlantic Review

Published Work Alert! 2 Poems in Mid-Atlantic Review
Image of a white iPhone, screen showing the Mid-Atlantic Review webpage where Atena's poems are published.

Good morning to all! I’m excited to share that I have two poems published in the current issue of mid Atlantic review, Day Eight’s online literary magazine, in their special Celebrating Black History series!

Read the poems here: https://midatlanticreview.com/2024/05/two-poems-by-atena-danner/

I started these poems back in 2020 during the Hurston/Wright Foundation Writers Week summer session (which I highly recommend for Black writers to get involved with), where I met some dear friends and brilliant Black artists. It's gratifying to see how work can grow and change, and sometimes find an audience that can appreciate the results of that journey. Publication cannot be my only purpose as a writer, but the affirmation is still very much appreciated!

Gratitude to editors Khadijah Ali-Coleman, Carolivia Herron, and Rebecca Bishophall for including my poems: ‘Roberta Nettles, 1863 – Unknown‘ and ‘Letter to My Eldest Ancestor.’ I am honored to be included in this series!

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